Factors That Affect the Cost of Commercial Roofing


If you’re planning to buy a commercial roof and you’re clueless of the cost, there are some factors you need to consider that affect the final cost of the roof, such as the type of roof you need, whether the structure below the roof needs repairing, and whether the roof is easily accessible or not.

Type of Roof

The commercial roof comes in two types: sloped and flat. There are different materials used for the construction of roofs. Flat roofs are made of single-ply, whereas the sloped versions include clay or concrete tiles or metallic sheets. Single-ply roofs are relatively less expensive than metal roofs. The cost per square foot will vary.

Removal of the Old Roof

The condition of the structure below the existing roof can determine the cost. There could be unseen damage due to water leakage that could affect the integrity of the roof. Issues such as damaged deck structure, mould formation, and trapped moisture should be addressed before installing a new commercial roof.

Warranty validity is often dependent on the removal of the old shingles. Taking away your old shingles will cost you more time and labour, and the complexity and size of the job will also affect the cost.

Roof Accessibility

Commercial roofing prices in Perth also depend on roof accessibility. If the roof is difficult to reach, it adds up in labour costs. This factor doesn’t apply to the standard homes but in neighbourhoods having roofs surrounded by trees or any other obstacles. Time is required and equipment will be needed, which can add cost to the overall project.

Additional Components

If you’re planning to install additional features alongside roofs such as a deck or ventilation, the cost will go up. If you face ice dams during winters, you should install ventilation. If you install the components separately, it will cost less than having to install the complete unit.

Jurisdiction Code Requirements

Commercial roofing contractors should follow proper laws to ensure that the commercial roof complies with the code requirements. The code requirements include the materials, underlying structures, slopes, and application method. By keeping these pointers in mind, the expert will ensure that the roofs are constructed in a way that can overcome different weather conditions and remain safe from hazards.


The experienced contractors who have been working in the roofing industry for so long won’t charge extra. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority, and they will fully evaluate the condition of the building and assess the underlying issues before the installation of the roof.

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