How to Use Your Time to Create a Better Relationship with Your Children


A child’s most essential relationship is the one they form with their parent or carer; it will form who they become as they grow. A healthy parent-child connection is vital in order to teach children about right from wrong, manners, values, integrity and how to be polite. Children rely on their parents to protect them and to teach them how to be good people, of which all of us can do a little more to encourage, try the following;

Eat your meals together

Eating as a family may often result in excellent discussion and bonding time with your child. Encourage everyone to turn off their phones or other electronic gadgets and simply enjoy one another’s company. Mealtime is also a wonderful time to teach your children about the significance of eating a healthy and balanced diet, which has an impact on their general mental health.

Be there for them

Setting aside some time each day to chat with your child without interruptions can make a huge impact in developing excellent communication habits. Turn off any distractions and completely devote yourself to them, showing a genuine interest in what they are doing or even asking them, how are you, can make the world of difference. Few people take the time to genuinely ask if others are ok and if there is anything that they can do to help, let alone with the family, do more of it. In the event you and your partner are divorcing, talk to CK Lawyers separation lawyer, who can ensure you receive a fair outcome when it comes to child custody and visitation.

Pay attention and sympathize

Listening is the first step toward connection, recognize your child’s emotions, show them you understand, and tell them that you are available to assist them with anything they require. Consider things from your child’s point of view. Listening to and empathizing with your child will help to build mutual regard.

Set limits, standards, and consequences.

As they develop and learn about the world around them, children require structure and supervision, it’s important that you make sure your children understand what you expect of them in terms of their behaviour. Talk to them about it, when rules are breached, ensure that there are age-appropriate penalties in place and that they are followed consistently, if nothing else, children respect integrity.

It all takes time

Decent relationships take time to form, you may find that it takes longer than you hoped, but, remain calm, patient and respect your child’s individuality. Everybody reacts in different ways to different methods of communication and form relationships in different ways. There is no one size fits all solution, although you must do what you say you will do and be there for them if you say you will be.


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