The Advantages Of Living The Condo Life In Asia.


Everyone wants to have an easier life, and we also want to have the finer things to make life just that little bit more comfortable. Millions of Thai people live in condos all over the country, and now is the right time for you to make the same smart decision, as well. The condo life is one that many people aspire to, but they are unable to get, so if you have an opportunity to invest in a condominium, then you need to grab it with both arms. There has never been a better time to buy, with interest rates being very low, and it is currently a buyer’s market. There are so many opportunities out there to find a prestigious property at the right price, in the right location.

One such condominium project is The Estelle Phrom Phong (known as ดิ เอสเทลล์ พร้อมพงษ์ in Thai), in Bangkok, and this amazing building offers you everything that you could possibly want from a condominium, and more. If you’re still not convinced about the advantages for a living the condo life in Asia, then hopefully the following will help you to make up your mind.

  1. Invest in your future – There is no point in handing across your hard-earned cash every single month to your landlord, when you have no prospect of owning the property. You could take the same money, and invest it in a condominium for you and your family. This is the perfect opportunity to create a family home, and also add to your financial portfolio. The price of property is rising every year, and you are sure to make a profit, if you finally decide to sell in 5 to 10 years from now. 
  1. The best of urban living – When you live in a condominium right in the heart of Bangkok, you are right there in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, and your office job will only be a short train ride away. There will be no more commuting for hours from the countryside, and you get to enjoy a fantastic social life with all the excellent restaurants, and shopping centres. 
  1. Fantastic amenities – Most modern condos are fitted out with swimming pools, gyms, and common areas that you can relax in. The pool is regularly maintained, and it gives you a great opportunity to relax in the place that you live. 

All of the maintenance that is required in and around your condo building, is all done for you, and the days of having to do it yourself will be long gone. You can get to know your neighbours, and feel that you are part of an excellent community.

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